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[廉价航空] 酷航这意思只能退代金券?

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As the Covid-19 situation continues to develop and more restrictions are put in place, we understand that travel uncertainty is still prevalent and that you may soon have to review your previous plans to travel and are reaching out to us for options.

Given the high volume of enquiries we have been receiving, we are inevitably taking longer to respond to you. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

We have heard your feedback, and have enhanced our “Manage My Booking” portal on the website to include a self-service refund button. This option will be available for bookings made on/before 15 March 2020, for travel before 31 May 2020 so you do not have to contend with the longer than usual waiting times.

Please access the portal and select the refund option no later than 4 hours prior to your flight’s scheduled time of departure.

Please proceed with the prompts and we will do our best to process the refund in the form of Scoot vouchers within 30 business days.

We thank you for your support thus far, and hope to welcome you on our flights again in future.

The Scoot Team

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使用道具 举报

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